Days of Independence

Khibula, dir. George Ovashvili│ Transitions from one political system into another are never easy. Especially if a country is just gaining its independence. Until ideological theory turns into political practice, one can never know how the former dissidents will behave as statesmen and how the opposition, as well as the general public, will react to… Read more »

Journey with an end

Untilted, dir. Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi│Untitled was meant to be an experimental journey for the Austrian director Michael Glawogger.


A Ghost Story, dir. David Lowery│ Who is going to turn up at our funeral? What are they going to remember? What are we leaving behind when we die? Questions everybody has asked themselves before, I assume. But who are we to claim significance over the 100 billion other people that have lived on this… Read more »

East meets West

Western, dir. Valeska Grisebach│Germany has not just lingered at the intersection of the East and West, it has properly experienced being both. Dealing with the past like that is something that the Germans have obsessed ever since, and it has shaped our cinematic landscape like nothing else, resulting in endless stream of films about the… Read more »

Dear deer

On Body and Soul, Dir. Ildikó Enyedi│Ildikó Enyedi’s On Body and Soul’s almost pensive dramatic explorations of the relationships between the bodily and the ethereal begin in a particularly unusual and captivating manner. Instead of being greeted to human characters, we are met by two deer, caught in a kind of intimate tranquillity in a… Read more »

How I fell in love

Ana, mon amour, dir. Călin Peter Netzer│ Having already fallen in love with Ana, mon amour at Berlinale this year, I was saddened to find that it was beginning to experience a bit of backlash in its native country by the time it reached The Romanian Days section of the 16th Transilvanian Film Festival. Some… Read more »

It could only happen to a teenager

Heartstone, dir. Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson│Ever since Grímur Hákonarson won Un Certain Regard with Rams back in 2015 and Baltasar Kormákur’s Everest opened Venice a few month later, the latest crop of Icelandic directors seem to have been unmistakably on a high. It’s almost with some trepidation that we now begin to wonder whether this close-knit,… Read more »

Wuthering Heights

God’s Own Country, dir. Francis Lee│The title of Francis Lee’s God’s Own Country refers to a phrase of endearment used by people in Yorkshire to describe their own deeply idiosyncratic part of the world – something the director slowly dissects at length. Himself a Yorkshireman, Lee has taken the support of Creative England’s low-budget first… Read more »

Big Girls Don’t Cry

The Beguiled, dir. Sofia Coppola│With The Beguiled, Sofia Coppola chose a story well suited to her interest in female desire and the insensitivity of men. When a little girl finds Irish Corporal John McBurney (Colin Farrell) in dire straits in some luxurious South Virginia woods and takes him to her half-empty all-female seminary, the wounded… Read more »

Just kidding

Redoubtable, dir. Michel Hazanavicius│That the great French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard hasn’t always been a very kind man isn’t news to anyone. His rebelliousness is in fact the very reason why he was such an important and controversial figure at a time when French –and European- cinema was in a state of limbo in… Read more »

  • Wszyscy na scenę

    The Dazzling Light of Sunset, dir. Salome Jashi │Tsalenijkha to małe gruzińskie miasteczko, które wydaje się leżeć poza światem. Ma swój rytm, swoje rytuały, swoje radości i swoje smutki. Salome Jashi zagląda tam z kamerą i podążając za kilkoma bohaterami, próbuje wyczuć gdzie bije serce tego miejsca. W stacji lokalnej telewizji, walczącej o pokazanie ludziom… Read more »

  • Ostatnia rodzina

    A Two Way Mirror, dir. Katarina Zrinka Matijević│Z pozoru ten dokument wygląda na poetycką balladę z życia natury. Pełno w nim ujęć pszczół, pól, padającego śniegu, letniego deszczu, spokojnych jezior i wartkich rzek. Te idylliczne obrazy zderzone są jednak z burzliwą historią rodziny reżyserki. Nie brakowało w niej dramatów, tajemnic, kontrowersji i bólu, które Katarina… Read more »

  • Kłopotliwa niepamięć

    Notorious Deeds, dir. Gabriel Tempea│Dwadzieścia lat minęło jak jeden dzień. Śluby, potomstwo, zdobyte zawodowe pozycje. Siwiejące włosy i zmarszczki pod oczami. Czasami przez nie trudno poznać swoich dawnych szkolnych kolegów. Szczególnie, kiedy przez te dwie dekady nie widziało się ich ani razu. Jednak teraz, kiedy cała klasa spotyka się na dwudziestej rocznicy ukończenia liceum dominuje… Read more »

  • Bravery or ignorance?

    Epitaph, dir. Yulene Olaizola, Rubén Imaz │To bring a time period to life within the financial limitations of art house cinema is by no means an easy feat. Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, the Wrath of God and Ben Wheatley’s A Field in England come to mind as those who have ploughed through the thickets and managed… Read more »

  • Everything Goes Wrong

    Dog Eat Dog, dir. Paul Schrader│ Paul Schrader’s last official effort as director was The Canyons, a supremely odd, low budget attack on the hollowness of the Los Angeles lifestyle and contemporary Hollywood. Schrader himself disowns the more recent Dying of the Light since the film was taken out of his hands by its producers… Read more »

  • Tak daleko stąd, jak blisko

    Playground, dir. Bartosz M. Kowalski │Nie da się w „Placu zabaw” nie dostrzec inspiracji kinem Michaela Haneke – jego chłodem, dystansem, spokojem. Ale może też nie da się mówić w kinie o temacie zła do Hanekego w pewien sposób nie nawiązując. W końcu on ten wątek wałkuje przez kilka filmów, wciąż o nim opowiada, wciąż… Read more »

  • Matrix

    Creative Control, dir. Benjamin Dickinson│David skrupulatnie buduje sobie wielopiętrowy, wirtualny świat. W pracy konstruuje kampanię reklamową dla nowej generacji okularów pozwalających widzieć rzeczywistość w lepszych barwach. W głowie żyje fantazjami na temat potencjalnego romansu z dziewczyną kolegi. W domu – przechodzi kryzys, z którym nie może sobie dać rady.

  • Glorious Madness

    Aloys, dir. Tobias Nölle │Tobias Nölle’s engrossing tale of a highly distinctive Swiss private eye called Aloys is perhaps the first film of 2016 which has truly made me get excited and want to start bouncing off the walls like an excessively caffeinated critic. Remarkably only Nölle’s second feature, this movie represents filmmaking with its thinking… Read more »

  • Ghostliness

    Tenants, dir. Klara Kochańska│I remember reading a New York Times piece that qualified the Łódź Film School in Poland as “a school with a sense of place” and wondering about its many motives and clauses. Fortunately now I can finally fathom the almost cult status that has long been attached to the school and its… Read more »